. / Dream big.

Make your site matter.

Diligent is an online strategy and web design agency that partners exclusively with mission-driven organizations.

You have a vision for a better tomorrow. Your web presence can and should play an active role. We help mission-driven organizations go beyond telling stories about themselves and asking for money—to create meaningful interactions toward that better tomorrow.

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. / Get results.

More than a pretty face.

Your website should work as hard as you do. Diligent works with you to extrapolate your mission into web-oriented objectives, establishes meaningful and measurable metrics for success, and brings a kit of diagnostic tools to gauge your site’s performance.

Consider these recent case studies


The Global Lives Project coordinates participants around the world to find and film individuals for 24 consecutive hours. The result is a mosaic of video footage exploring the diversity of human experience. Diligent translated designs by Method and built a richly interactive, easily editable, and fully responsive site.


Cross-cultural collaboration is a vital skill in our new globalized world. Collabriv provides real, practical experience for young professionals all over the world and tapped Diligent to clarify their visual identity, build out the website, and plot a course to reach and engage global youth via multiple social media channels.


Donation portal UniversalGiving knew they needed a redesign, but Diligent went deeper and helped them identify desired user behavior and design toward performance metrics. The result was a dynamic, streamlined experience that reduced the number of steps between home page and donation confirmation by over 70% and saw a corresponding increase in conversion.


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. / Stay diligent.

You don’t give up, so we don’t give up.

Too many design agencies cut and run once your site has launched—but that’s when the real work begins.

Diligent stays by your side, turning traffic patterns and user feedback into concrete actions to improve your site over time. Seize opportunities as they arise, not years from now in the “next redesign”.

Changing the world is hard work and you could use a partner that sticks with you. It’s not how every web agency operates, but it’s what makes us Diligent.

So contact us today.


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